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PETEC Window Adhesive Set

Quantity: 310ml
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Product information // PETEC Window Adhesive Set

310 ml cartridge, 10 ml multi-active primer combination stick, cleaning cloth, height-adjustable nozzle

base 1-component: polyurethane
hardening system:
processing time:
20 minutes
readiness to travel (at +22 °C):
2 hours
hardening (at +22 °C):
approx. 3.5 mm/24 hours
processing temperature:
+5°C to +35°C

excellent adhesion in connection with PETEC multi-active primer combi-stick or activator and black primer
high UV-resistance in connection with PETEC multi-active primer combi-stick or activator and black primer
good adhesion to residual material
suitable for integrated windscreen aerials with less electrical conductivity
high modulus
incl. adjustable nozzle

Scheibenkleber-Set-System zur Montage von Front-, Heck- und Seitenscheiben.

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If necessary, roughen the surfaces lightly with an abrasive fleece. Thoroughly clean and degrease surfaces with PETEC cleaning set (art. no. 82111) or PETEC Multi Cleaner (art. no. 82100 or 82200). Then apply PETEC Multiactive Primer combination stick (art. no. 82410) evenly in one direction to the adhesive surface of the window. Openwindow adhesive , squeeze the nozzle and discard the first 2 cm of adhesive. Using the applicator gun, apply window adhesive to the adhesive surface in the form of a triangular bead. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions on bead shape and installation. Observe the installation instructions and safety and technical data sheet.

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83333_Safety Data Sheed

Shelf Life: 18 month