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PETEC Power Steel 50g

Quantity: 1
Size: 50g
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Product information // PETEC Power Steel 50g

Quantity: 1
Size: 50g

Base: epoxy resin
Mischungsverhältnis: 1:1 (Volumen)
Colour: Grey
Work life/processing time: 4 minutes
Initial strength: 10 minutes
Hardening/final strength: 30 minutes
Processing temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Temperature resistance: –50°C to +260°C

can be used universally for indoor and outdoor application
easy to use thanks to excellent adhesion
extremely high strength
fast hardening, even under water
can be reworked, e.g. sanding. drilling, thread-cutting, sawing and lacquering
resistant to water, salt water, oil, fuel and many chemicals

Quick-drying 2-component modelling clay for repairing, bonding and filling.

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Whet the surface/repair surface as far as possible, thoroughly clean and degrease with PETEC Multi Cleaner (Art. No. 82100
or 82200). Cut the required quantity of POWER steel and remove the transparent protective film. Knead power steel until a
uniform grey colour develops. Within three minutes, apply the modelling clay directly onto the surface/repair surface and press
firmly. Press inside cracks and holes. For wet or damp surfaces, place POWER STEEL onto the surface/repair surface strongly and
press until the modelling clay sticks. To achieve a smooth surface, wipe away any excess material with water or a damp cloth.
Observe the safety and technical datasheet!

97350_Technical Data Sheed
97350_Safety Data Sheed

Shelf Life: 18 months