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PETEC Lecksuch Leckfinder Spray 400ml 360°-Ventil DVGW-Freigabe Transparent 70750 PETEC Leak Detection Spray 400ml
Quantity: 400ml
PETEC Schweiß- & Trennschutzspray CO2 500ml Schützt 72050 PETEC Industrial Express & Parts Cleaner Spray...
Quantity: 500ml
PETEC Power Tape / Duct Tape PETEC Power Tape / Duct Tape
Quantity: 1
Size: Role 50 m x 50 mm
PETEC Isolierband Klebeband VDE geprüft, PVC, Schwarz, 10m 87000 PETEC Insulating Tape VDE
Quantity: 1
Size: Role 10m x 15mm x 0,15mm
PETEC Kabelschutzband Protection Tape Schwarz, 10m 87500 PETEC Protection-Tape
Quantity: 1
Size: 10m x 19mm x 0,3mm SB-card
PETEC Schraubensicherungslack 20 ml Pinselflasche 90120 PETEC Screw Locking Varnish
Size: 20 ml bottle with brush
Colour: yellow, red