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PETEC Werkstattreiniger Universal Reiniger Konzentrat 1000ml Werkstattböden Fahrzeug Maschinen Anlag

PETEC Garage Cleaner Concentrate 1000ml

Quantity: 1000ml
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Product information // PETEC Garage Cleaner Concentrate 1000ml

Quantity: 1000ml

excellent cleaning action
suitable for cleaning machines or high-pressure cleaners

Open the lid and determine the mixing ratio depending on the application. Normal contaminations – up to 1:30, high-pressure cleaner – up to 1:200, engine washing – 1:5, plastic – 1:20. In case of rough surfaces and severe contamination, re-work with a brush or sponge.
Finally, rinse with clear water. The compatibility of materials must be checked! Seal with cover plate after use.

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Shelf Life: 48 month