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PETEC Lecksuch Leckfinder Spray 400ml 360°-Ventil DVGW-Freigabe Transparent 70750

PETEC Leak Detection Spray 400ml

Quantity: 400ml
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Product information // PETEC Leak Detection Spray 400ml

Quantity: 400ml
Color: Transparent

environmentally friendly
simple and reliable
360° valve

For quick and effortless detection of leakage sites such as pipelines under pressure, fittings, flange connections, welded seamsand tyres.

Shake well before use. Apply PETEC leak detection spray to any suspicious areas. Any leaks will be indicated by excess foaming or bubbling at the porous area (leak). Plastic lines and coated surfaces must be cleaned with clean water after testing. Do not use for testing oxygen-carrying lines! Observe the safety and technical datasheet!


70750_Technical Data Sheed

70750_Security Data Sheed

Shelf Life: 36 month