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PETEC Kühlerdicht Abdichtung Kühlsystem Kühler 250ml Dose 80250

PETEC Radiator Seal 250ml Bottle 80250

Quantity: 250ml Bottle
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Product information // PETEC Radiator Seal 250ml Bottle 80250

Quantity: 250ml

Seals radiator leaks reliably and permanently
Protects from rust and calcium deposits
Lubricates the thermostat & water pump
Maintains the entire cooling system

Colour: Green
Consumption 250 ml: sufficient for 15 litres of coolant
Store in a cool and dry place

Seals the water-cooling circulation system in case of leakages, cracks as well as seepage points. Also suitable for points and hairline cracks on hose connections, metallic and plastic parts in the cooling system. Radiator seal is bio-degradable and does not have an effect on the environment.

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Shake the bottle well before use. Let the engine cool down and unscrew the cover cap of the cooling system. 250ml cooler Seal is sufficient for about 12 – 15 litres coolant. The cooler seal must be proportioned to the total volume of the cooling system Circulation depending upon the vehicle. The cooler seal is added over the cooler compensating container when the engine is running, so that the agent spreads evenly in the circulation of the cooling system and can settle on the points to be sealed (leaks)
A drive of about 5km can ensure that the cooler seal is distributed evenly in the circulation of the cooling system. No incompati bility with the coolant is detected in the case of correct proportioning.

80250_Safety Data Sheed

80250_Safety Data Sheed

Shelf Life:    36 Month