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PETEC INOX Schweißprimer Versiegelung Spray 500ml Silber 120°C Silikonfrei 70360

PETEC INOX Spray 500ml

Quantity: 500ml
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Product information // PETEC INOX Spray 500ml

Quantity: 500ml
Color: silver
Grip test: 15min
Dust dry: 5 min
Heat resistant: 120°C

weldable surface sealing
Anti-weld and anti-corrosion coating
compatible with many metals
excellent coverage
avoids contact corrosion
silicone free
resistant to water, salt water, light acids and bases

PETEC INOX Spray is a quick-drying and universal surface coating. The anti-corrosion agent with excellent adhesion permanently seals welding points and seams. The product acts as a protection against corrosion when welding between two materials. Also suitable for use in inert gas and spot welding as spot weld sealing. For applications in body and vehicle construction, metal construction, welding shops, shipping, construction and agricultural machinery as well as industry and trade.

70360_Technical Data Sheed

70360_Safety Data Sheed

Shelf Life: 36 month