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PETEC Hochtemperatur Multimontagepaste Dose mit Pinsel 200ml 94420

PETEC High Temperature Multi-Assembly Paste with Brush 200ml

Quantity: 400ml
Size: 200 ml can with brush
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Product information // PETEC High Temperature Multi-Assembly Paste with Brush 200ml

Quantity: 1
Size: 200 ml can with brush

Colour: Creme
Density: approx. 1g/cm
Temperature resistance: –40°C to +1500°C

long-lasting agent for lubricating, sliding and separating
very high corrosion protection    
temperature resistant from –40°C to +1500°C
very good adhesion
resistant to high pressure    
metal-free lubricant, no interference of sensors in braking systems
prevents braking and creaky noises

Ceramic-based, can be applied using a brush as a lubricating, release and corrosion protection agent.

Remove coarse excess material with a wire brush and then thoroughly clean and  degrease  with  PETEC  brake  cleaner  (art.  no. 70060). Apply an even coat of PETEC high-temperature multi-assembly paste with a brush on the stressed threads and surfaces.
Then assemble the parts as required. Note: Do not apply to the brake disc or the friction side of the brake pad. Observe the safety and technical datasheet!

94420_Technical Data Sheed
94420_Safety Data Sheed

Shelf Life: 36 months