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Nuke Performance Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter

Thread: 2x ORB 10 (7/8 - 14UNF)
Fits Sensors: Several Flex Fuel Sensors with 9,5mm (3/8") connections
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Product information // Nuke Performance Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter

Thread: 2x ORB 10 (7/8 - 14UNF)
Height: 56.2mm (2.21")
Width: 137mm (5.39”)
Depth: 42.5mm (1.67”)
Weight: 240g (8.46oz)
Fits Sensors: Several Sensors with 9,5mm (3/8") connections

Nuke Performance Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter) Includes:
1 x Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter
1 x Lightweight bracket, removable when not needed

Product Sheet

Nuke Performance Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter. Bypass design lets you use an ethanol content sensor without flow loss.

With the Nuke Performance bypass Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter, you can mount your ethanol content sensor on both the pressure and return fuel line in your fuel system. A sensor is not included with delivery.

  •  Fits most common GM flex-fuel sensors
  •  Bypass design exceeds AN-10 fuel line capacity
  •  AN-10 ORB inlet/outlet for maximum fuel flow
  •  Works on both pressure and return fuel lines
  •  Lightweight design, with an integrated bracket
  •  4 x Viton O-rings for long-term durability

When running alcoholic fuels such as E85, an ethanol content sensor is used to measure fuel at all times in order to maintain the accuracy and performance of the ECU. The most commonly used sensors have a very small flow capacity which doesn´t support a high-performing fuel setup. With this sensor adapter, you can put the sensor on both the pressure and return side with close to no flow loss, thanks to its bypass design which surpasses the capability of a dash 10 fuel line.

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Fits all of the most common OEM ethanol content sensors for your aftermarket fuel system.
Designed to work with the most common flex-fuel sensors on the market from OEM manufacturer GM (Continental), this adapter works with 13577379, 13577429, SE1003, 13577394, and other sensors of the same design. Many of the standalone ECU manufacturers, such as Haltec, Cobb Tuning, Fuel Tech USA, ECU Master, AEM, Link, and MaxxECU, sell sensors with their own branding. However, these normally have the same specifications as the OEM parts and work with the Nuke Performance sensor adaptor as long as they use 9.49 (5/16") connections.

Which flex fuel sensor can be used with the Nuke Performance bypass ethanol content sensor adapter?
The Nuke Performance split-flow sensor adapter has been developed to be used together with all the commonly used flex fuel content sensors such as Continental (GM) 13577429, 2022400116, 13577379, SE1003, and even the 13577394, which needs to be modified to a width of 95mm (3.75").

 GM 13577429 flex fuel sensor
 GM 13577379 flex fuel sensor
 GM13577394 flex fuel sensor

The full flow flex fuel sensor adapter is delivered without the needed flex fuel sensor.

Delivered with a lightweight bracket for an easy mounting solution for the GM 13577429 flex fuel sensor.
One of the most common ethanol content sensors, the GM 13577429, lacks mounting points as stock. With the Nuke Performance Full Flow Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter, you will both receive all the benefits of a split-flow design while integrated brackets provide a safe and durable installation, particularly helpful alongside the often demanding conditions within motorsports. For the GM 13577379 and 13577394, which have their own mountings holes, you do not need to use the provided mounting bracket.

Made out of Sweden
Nuke Performance designs, develop, and manufactures high-performance car parts for all types of motorsports. Shaped out of committed enthusiasts, Nuke Performance constantly strive to deliver the highest possible quality on the market. Made by an innovative company in Sweden, since 2004, the products with the Nuke Performance logo are redefining performance.


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