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NBR Nylon Braided Hose Dash 8 / -8 AN / JIC 8

Inside Diameter: 11.1mm
Outside diameter 17.1mm
Weight: 198g / m


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Product information // NBR Nylon Braided Hose Dash 8 / -8 AN / JIC 8

Hose Type: NBR Nylon Braided
Size: Dash 8 (-8 AN / JIC 8)
Inside Diameter: 11.1mm
Outside Diameter: 17.1mm
Weight: 198g / m
Material: Multilayer (Synthetic Rubber Inner Layer, Stainless Steel Intermediate Layer, Nylon Braid)
Color: Black
Work Pressure: 34 bar
Burst Pressure: 138 bar
Bend Radius: 89mm
Temperature Range: -40°C to 150°C
Application: Oil, Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, E85, Ethanol, Methanol), Coolants, Air

High quality multi layer braided hose consists of a synthetic NBR inner tube with partial stainless steel reinforcement and outer nylon braid.

This hose is designed to handle any fuel, oil, air or coolant fluids. It is flexible, lightweight and strong at the same time. The Nylon braided hose is lighter and more flexible than the stainless steel braided version.
It can be used with conventional hose fittings or special aluminium Dash / AN fittings.

Not to be used with brake fluids or in-tank applications.

BAT TECH-TIP: Do not use any rubber based hoses for fuel lines inside the car or for long distances. We strongly recommend to use PTFE hoses for such applications.

This nylon braided hose can be delivered up to 50m in a piece. If you need 20m, just order 2 x 10.0m.

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