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Racing suit Karting MARINA UNIK CIK - FIA BCN 1.3

Racing suit Karting MARINA UNIK CIK - FIA BCN 1.3

completely customizable
CIK-FIA N2013-1 Level 2 approval
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Product information // Racing suit Karting MARINA UNIK CIK - FIA BCN 1.3
CIK-FIA N2013-1 Level 2 approval.
100% elastic suit.
Knitted fabric in the armpits and lumbar area.
Rubber on the ankles to ensure the fit to the leg.
Available in children's sizes.

100% customizable by sublimation or transfers.
Air passage of 12,5 cm3/ second.
117% elasticity rate.
Weight of the whole suit 1,4kg.


Antibacterial //  Breathable // Thermoregulatory // Confortable and ergonomic //

MARINA UNIK CIK-FIA Level 2 is a suit designed for you to compete safe and cool. Constructed with a fabric structure so that air passes through its fibers and in turn protects the rider in the event of a falout of the kart.

This characteristic, plus the elasticity of the fabric itself, make the garment totally different from other manufacturers. It is a new category within Karting suits. It has an air passage of 12,5 cm3 / sec, 18 times higher than the market average and an elasticity of 117% (each meter of fabric lengthens up to 17cm), unique in this category. We also make all this technology adapt to the corporate image of your team through the sublimation technique. You will be able to design the jumpsuit that you like the most for your team without limitations!

UNIK meets the requirements of the CIK-FIA N2013-1 Standard for your maximum safety. Designed and made in Barcelona, we like to share it with you.