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Nissan R35 GTR Drive By Wire throttle kit (OEM Swap-Out)

Nissan R35 GTR Drive By Wire throttle kit (OEM Swap-Out)
Material: aluminium
Valve diameter: 72mm



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Product information // Nissan R35 GTR Drive By Wire throttle kit (OEM Swap-Out)

Nissan R35 GTR Drive By Wire throttle kit (OEM Swap-Out) - 1 piece
Material: aluminium
Valve diameter: 72mm
Colour: silver, black, red, blue, orange anodised

Colours on request: gunmetal, grey, titanium, brown, copper, green 2, green 3, apple green, lime green, blue 2, blue 3, turquoise, violet, gold

Technical Drawing (Standard Intake Hoses)
Technical Drawing (Wiggins Ferrules)
Assembly Instruction Sheet

The throttle valves replace the original throttle valves and, with a valve diameter of 72 mm, offer 59% more flow compared to the original throttle valves. The flaps are simply replaced with the standard ones and can be operated with the standard control unit without any problems. The servomotor and actuator are taken from the standard throttle valves.

AT Power throttle bodies differ from most other throttle bodies on the market in several essential ways. With AT-Power throttle valves, your engine achieves the highest possible efficiency and thus performance.
Patented shaftless design means there is no need for a continuous medium wave. This reduces turbulence and flow losses. Only 0.5% less air flow compared to a throttle without any flap and up to 10% higher air flow compared to conventional throttle flaps with a shaft.
Butterfly design = use of a flap that is as thin as possible, which is aerodynamically optimal and, in addition to the highest possible passage, also enables perfect metering of the flow rate (via gas cable or electronic actuators).

Highest quality and accuracy of fit. Install, coordinate, win.