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3" Ticon Titanium Bullet Resonator 7" OAL

Inlet: 76mm / 3 " Outlet: 76mm / 3 "
Housing length: 178mm / 7"
Diameter: 102mm / 4"
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Product information // 3" Ticon Titanium Bullet Resonator 7" OAL

Inlet: 3 Inches
Outlet: 3 Inches
Body Length: 7 Inches
Overall Diameter: 4 Inches

Ticon Industries' Titanium Bullet Resonator is an industry-first, constructed entirely from 100% CP1 Grade Titanium. With a smaller body compared to our round race mufflers, our titanium bullet resonator can be installed in the middle of the vehicle, effectively reducing exhaust drone. Each resonator is packed with stainless steel, allowing it to be installed in the mid-section of the exhaust for maximum performance.