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250 Micron In-Line Filter Dash 10 / -10AN / JIC 10

Application: Dash 10 (-10 AN / JIC 10) 37° flare adapters/fittings
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Product information // 250 Micron In-Line Filter Dash 10 / -10AN / JIC 10

Application: Dash 10 (-10 AN / JIC 10) fittings
Installation depth: 40mm
Weight: 1g
Mesh size: 250 Micron
Material: Aluminum sealing cone, Stainless steel mesh

This in-line filter with 250 Micron stainless steel mesh can easily be inserted into AN flare adapters/fittings. The filter provides additional protection in the area of ​​the fuel and oil supply and catches coarse particles that would otherwise cause damage to the injection nozzles, oil pump, bearings, etc. The filter should be checked and cleaned as part of the normal service intervals. If foreign bodies are found in the filter, the cause must be determined in order to prevent consequential damage.

Figures 3 and 4 show the filter in the inserted state. The adapter is only used here for better representation and is not included.

Attention, the filter does not serve as a replacement for a main filter, but as an additional protective element, which helps to prevent even greater damage, especially in the event of damage.

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