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2-chamber dry sump suction pump Mini Cordis 11.9l

Power: 2x 11.9l suction level
Type: suction pump
Housing: short
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Product information // 2-chamber dry sump suction pump Mini Cordis 11.9l

Mini Cordis 2 Stage Oil Pump - 1 piece

Thread: M22x1.5 internal thread

Suction power: 2x 11.9l at 1000 rpm

Material: 7075-T6 machined aircraft aluminum

Pressure range: 2.9-8.27 bar



AT Power oil pumps are milled from so-called aircraft aluminum and are therefore lighter and smaller than most pumps available on the market. The oil pressure can be adjusted via the integrated valve. The pumps have a hardened 1/2 "shaft and are filled from two sides in the suction area - this reduces the formation of air bubbles in the pump, improves the rotor filling and enables higher speeds.


This compact two-chamber suction pump has a delivery capacity of 2x 11.9l in the suction range at 1000 rpm. Each pump is tested after assembly and receives a performance report that is enclosed with the delivery.


Attention: The pump is delivered without accessories - thread adapters for connecting the oil lines, belt pulleys etc. can be put together individually.