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PETEC Compressed Air Spray 400ml

Quantity: 400ml Spray
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Product information // PETEC Compressed Air Spray 400ml

Quantity: 400ml Spray

For cleaning and dusting of inaccessible places such as scratches, joints and cracks in, for example, fittings, radios, vent slots, keyboards, photographic equipment, clocks and other electronic manufactured accessories on devices and machines. Suitable for removing dust and dirt from the precise components and electronics.

Easy to use
Odour-free, colourless, solvent-free
For universal use
Highly effective spray pattern

Technical Data:
Pressure 5.5 – 6 bar
Processing temperature +5°C to +30°C
Shelf life 36 months; store in a cool and dry place

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Instructions for use:
Shake well before use. Do not tilt the spray can by more than 30°. Point the spray head at the parts to be cleaned and remove dirt and dust with short spray blasts. The compressed-air spray is flammable. Before using electronic components, pull out the mains plug and ensure adequate ventilation after use.

72150_Technical Data Sheed

72150_Safety Data Sheed

Self Life:     36 Monate