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Here you will find useful information about our products.

Definition Dash

What does the term Dash mean?

In the past few years, the term Dash has established itself in motorsport, which is why we use it. In addition, the terms AN and JIC are used again and again.

The respective Dash size refers to the diameter of the hose in inches / inches and is multiplied by 16 (e.g. 1/2 inch * 16 = Dash 8). The matching threads are also conveniently specified in Dash or AN / JIC. A Dash 8 hose can therefore be used with a Dash 8 connection (please pay attention to the different hose series) and e.g. can be mounted on a Dash 8 thread adapter. Dash is not a thread, but a collective term to illustrate how the various components belong to one another. The Dash hose system is based on a modular principle, which means that almost any connection can be made. Dash components have an American UNF thread with a convex / concave 37 ° cone - which means that no seals are required on these connections.

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Here you will find useful information about the shop and orders.

Qualität und Kundenzufriedenheit

Quality and satisfaction

Different than the others, we have been involved in motorsport for years. Our customers include teams from almost all racing series in the world, e.g. teams from WRC, VLN, mountain races, slalom, dragsters, tractor pulling, Formula Student, as well as professional tuners and hobby mechanics. Engineering offices, aviation, and mechanical engineering companies are also among our satisfied regular customers.

We keep all of the items in unusually large numbers in stock, which means that we can deliver at any time and, as a rule, can cover larger requirements without any problems. This also makes it possible for us to offer our products at very fair prices.


Quality and Individuality

Quality is very important to us! That is why we first subject every product to extensive quality and functionality test before we offer it to our customers. Teams that choose our products are at home on almost every race track and in motorsports around the world. If necessary, we will advise you individually, because every plan and every project deserves a close look and a suitable solution.


Your satisfaction is our capital


The satisfaction of our customers is not just an empty phrase for us, but our most important asset and our motivation. However, if something does not work out as it should (we are only human too), we will look for a suitable solution together.

Kontakt zum BAT-Team

Who can I contact in case of questions?

We advise our customers in the planning and implementation of their projects based on their individual production of pipe systems, dry sump systems, suction and oil systems. You can send us your question via email at any time (info@bat-motorsport.de), so that we can advise you promptly, uncomplicated and competently. If necessary, we will be happy to call you back and develop your project together with you.

If you have any further questions, please write to us.
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