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8-120mm Mikalor ASFA S W3 stainless steel hose clamp black

8-120mm Mikalor ASFA S W3 stainless steel hose clamp black

Black coated stainless steel hose clamps for different clamping areas:
8-16mm / 12-20mm / 16-27mm / 25-40mm / 32-50mm / 40-60mm / 50-70mm / 60-80mm / 70-90mm / 80-100mm / 100-120mm


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Product information // 8-120mm Mikalor ASFA S W3 stainless steel hose clamp black

6mm-8mm silicone hose ID = 8-16mm clamp (9mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 40 bar)

10mm-13mm silicone hose ID = 12-20mm clamp (9mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 40 bar)

16mm-19mm silicone hose ID = 16-27mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 40 bar)

22mm-32mm silicone hose ID = 25-40mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 40 bar)

35mm-40mm silicone hose ID = 32-50mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 35 bar)

41mm-48mm silicone hose ID = 40-60mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 30 bar)

51mm-57mm silicone hose ID = 50-70mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 25 bar)

60mm-70mm silicone hose ID = 60-80mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 20 bar)

72mm-80mm silicone hose ID = 70-90mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 17 bar)

83mm-89mm silicone hose ID = 80-100mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 14 bar)

102mm-108mm silicone hose ID = 100-120mm clamp (12mm bandwidth, maximum pressure 10 bar)



Strap and case: stainless steel X6Cr17 (AISI-430)

Screw: stainless steel (AISI-304 CU)

Surface coating: Delta Seal Black


Mikalor hose clamps made of stainless steel of the specification ASFA-S W3 with external worm thread have outstanding technical properties and have a smooth inside and rounded edges. This avoids any hose damage and distributes the pressure evenly. The hose clamps are intended for use at medium pressures. The black surface coating offers additional protection against corrosion and is ideal for applications where understatement is required.


For bulk consumers, the hose clamps (other sizes and designs available by arrangement) are available in the following large containers at very favorable conditions - please contact us:

8-16mm hose clamp: 200 pieces

12-20mm hose clamp: 200 pieces

16-27mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

25-40mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

32-50mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

40-60mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

50-70mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

60-80mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

70-90mm hose clamp: 50 pieces

80-100mm hose clamp: 25 pieces

100-120mm hose clamp: 25 pieces

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